101 Dry Bag Uses



We think that our products are a practical, must have item for anyone who loves the outdoors. Whether you are hiking Cradle Mountain, sea kayaking at Port Phillip Bay, rowing at Lake Burley Griffin or diving out of Exmouth -DryStore delivers quality water proof products that you can trust in the harsh Australian conditions....but don't just take our word for it, see what our customers think!




My daughter never goes anywhere without her phone so I bought a dryphone for Christmas last year. She now takes her phone in the bathroom and texts in the shower! -Karen, NSW.


A bit of a random one, but we use the dryphone to put our wireless internet dongle in when the reception is bad inside the house....it's good cause it doesnt mattter if its raining we can still get reception. -Stephanie, WA. 


I'm always happy to support Aussie businesses. I purchased a dryphone, it's been awesome at the beach in keeping the sand outta my phone. - Jools, SA.

Thanks guys, I have found the phone case really useful as I take my phone running with me- I use the strap and then tuck it into my top so its secure- that way I don't have to worry about it getting sweaty or water damaged. -Jess, NSW.


After my last phone died (left it in my pocket when I launched the boat) I got the phone bag as a safe guard. Now I chuck my phone in it and know its covered. I like that you can answer calls and talk through it too.  I just leave it in the bag all day when I'm out fishing and can still text and talk. -Rob, NSW.


I got a couple of the large dry bags for our camping trip up north, we found that we used them for everything from putting our fish in, to filling them with sand to weigh down the tent at night. Good sturdy product. -Glenn, QLD.


I am very happy with mine, I got it to keep the car dry: I put all of the wet beach towels in it after the pool and my son uses it to put his wetsuit in it after a surf. - Sue, NSW.


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101 great ways to use our drybags and dryphones!*

  • To get your wet wetsuit home
  • Use as a Santa sack
  • Store all your diving stuff
  • Keep you fishing tackle in
  • Take your spearfishing wetsuits on a plane
  • Go kayaking with
  • Keep the sand out of your stuff at the beach
  • Freediving
  • Take your laundry home from the laundromat
  • Float out at sea when your boat has sunk
  • Learn how to swim with an inflated drybag
  • Use as a pillow when your desperate
  • Stops from drowning your phone
  • Store your fish in
  • Keep your hiking gear dry up the mountain
  • Keep your phone dry in the rain
  • Bring your wet bathers home from the pool
  • Keep the ice separate in the esky
  • Use as a peg for camping on sand
  • Keep your kite surfing gear together
  • Take out on the SUP
  • Put dirty nappies in it
  • Underwater Hockey
  • Store your valuables 
  • Keep the internet dongle outside to get better reception
  • Running in the rain
  • Sports in wet weather
  • Great for being "Beached as ay bro"
  • Hot air balloon for a mouse
  • Keep your essential gear dry when you are white water rafting
  • Kayak Fishing
  • Keep valuables dry while sailing away on your yacht
  • Store food when camping
  • Keep the possums out of your food when camping
  • Rowing down the river
  • Keep your goggles and swimming cap at the pool
  • The perfect Water Polo accessory (super stylish!)
  • Good for household storage (keep out the mould and mildew)

*Not intended for all these uses we take no responsibility for incorrect usage of our drybags.