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3 Spearguns I Would Recommend To a Mate

Aimrite Handle

Buying a Speargun can be a minefield of decisions based on what fish you want to target, where you will be diving and how much you want to spend. Buying a cheap speargun under $200 might seem like a good idea, but often spending a little more will give you a gun that will last a lot longer without an upgrade. In this guide to buying a speargun I’ve outlined 3 spearguns that I would (and often do) recommend to mates.

There are many factors that affect how a speargun will perform and they can all be rigged and customised to suit different situations. This list is for “Off the Shelf” spearguns and lists the reasons why. There are no “Canon Speaguns” on the list as they are designed to suit a pretty small number of situations and not regular diving.

Speargun Recommendation 1

Aimrite Venom

My most recent gun has very quickly become my favourite. Solid enough to run well with double rubbers, yet light enough to manoeuvre through the water. Made from Carbon fibre they have the properties I like about a wooden gun, like that solid feel when you pull the trigger, without being cumbersome in the water. These guns are not the cheapest on the market but will definitely get you years of use and abuse, and a lifetime warranty to back it up is a good insurance plan! Plus they are the only Aussie guns on my list.


Speargun Recommendation 2

Freedivers Evolution Railgun

I used my freedivers gun religiously for around 2 years until it eventually bounced out of the back of a ute traveling up to a remote dive spot in the Kimberley. In the time I had the gun I never changed the spear once. Even though I was targeting smaller reef fish it was still impressive that the spear didn’t rust out over that time. The build quality of the gun itself wasn’t its best feature, the trigger much casing cracked, but for the price these guns are an awesome first gun or backup gun!


Speargun Recommendation 3

Rob Allen

Third up on the list is the old trusty Rob Allen Railgun. Its uncommon to meet a keen spearo that doesn’t own one or at least has previously owned one. Off the shelf they have a comfortable handle, are very light and easy to manoeuvre. I would try to avoid the scorpia model and go for the sparid model as it has a much studier feel.


Let us know in the comments below what spearguns you recommend when someone asks you and we’ll add them to the list, Plus you could win a DryPhone Case

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Australian Spearfishing Quiz

The Paxman Reel Edge Gun Combo.


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