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Name the species to win – Winner Posted


Drystore Competition Species.
Results from Drystore Competition



Congratulations to Daniel Mann! He was the first one in with all the species correctly identified!


We’ll try and get another competition up shortly so stay tuned!







Name as many species of fish as you can see in this photo to win a waterproof dryphone case for your phone.

One answer only and must be submitted by the 20/1/2013. The person who can correctly identify the most species will win!

Click photo for bigger view.

16 thoughts on “Name the species to win – Winner Posted

  1. Jew fish : )

  2. I see a few Jacks, and a bunch of Bream, Not sure what else!

  3. mangrove jack, sawtail surgeon, bream, red bass, blue bar parrot, blue groper, spangled emporer, also yellow fin bream?

  4. I see:

    Mangrove Jack
    Red Bass
    Spangled Emperor
    Blue barred Parrotfish
    Blue Groper
    Tarwhine (I think hard to tell 100%)
    Sawtail surgeonfish
    Goldspotted surgeonfish
    Common Sweep

    Thats all I can see for now…

    1. Well it didn’t take long for us to get a winner! Congrats to Daniel Mann for correctly Identifying the main species in the photo. We will contact you shortly for your address! We will post up a picture pointing out all the species shortly!
      Well done Dan!

  5. Jacks, Spangled emprorer, parrot fish, bream, sawtail sergeons, blue groper, silver travalley

  6. Yellow Fin Bream
    Mangrove Jack
    Blue Grouper
    Sawtail Surgeon
    Silver Drummer (Juvenile)
    Spangled Emperor
    Blue Barred Parrot

  7. Jacks, parrot, blue grouper, spangled, bream,sweep,surgeon,

  8. Bream,tarwhine,spangled emporer,mangrove jack, parrot fish,sawtail surgeon,blue groper,sweep

  9. Mangrove jack, red bass, bream, spangled emperor, maby a travelly (hard to make out) unicorn fish, not sure wat the other shit pickers are.

  10. spangled emperor, mangrove jack, tarwhine, surgeon fish, blue bar parrot fish, Queensland groper, red bass.

  11. Bream ,blue groper, blue bar parrot spangled emperor , bream, sweep surgeon fish,mangrove jack , and the odd damsel out the back

  12. There is a few jacks, a lot of yellowfin bream, a blue grouper, surgeons, sweep and a blue-barred orange parrot in the middle.

  13. Theres a Couple mangrove jack, bream and sturgeon fish.

  14. Spangeld emp mangrove jack parrot fish red bass and yellow fin brim.

  15. mangrove jack, yellowfin bream, spangled emperor, sweep,black drummer,sawtail surgeon,blue-barred parrot fish, fusilier

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