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Shark Repellent Wetsuit | North Western Australia


On a recent trip up to north WA Drystore tested out a shark repellent theory we had been contemplating for some time…

It involved the new Aimrite Wetsuit, some acrylic paint and a stencil. The rest just fell into place.

Not A Seal Stencil Laying down seal stencil

The theory of repelling sharks using a wetsuit technology holds great merit. Sure sharks have incredibly sensitiveĀ ampullae of Lorenzini, small vesicles and pores that form part of an extensive subcutaneous sensory network system, but heck lets face it, they have one prey on their mind when they see a diver… Seals

Shark Repellent Wetsuit


This new repellent technology focuses less on the sharks sensory systems and more on their insatiable appetite for seals. By simply informing sharks that we are not infact seals, we can put up a smoke screen and make a hasty exit before they think twice about tasting, this very seal like creature!


One thought on “Shark Repellent Wetsuit | North Western Australia

  1. Is that as in, you look like a seal and then the sharks read it and leave you alone? Haha. Very clever sharks in coral bay!

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