DRYPHONE Waterproof Phone Case

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The DRYPHONE Waterproof iPhone Case is the ideal companion to any outdoor lover. Designed to suit modern smart phones, the dryphone case allows full operation of you mobile while providing 100% waterproof protection for your Iphone or Android device.

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The Waterproof Iphone Case:

Featuring the new click-lock seal, the DRYPHONE case securely seals in your phone. With a range of applications, this case is perfect for anyone who wants to operate their phone in wet conditions. The DRYPHONE waterproof case comes with a strap to allow you to wear it around your neck. Perfect for ocean sports such as sailing or fishing (where you can use your phone as a gps without the worry it will wet). Designed for the Apple iPhone, this case also suits a wide range of smart phones and more basic models. If you are usure as to whether it will fit your phone, shoot us an email here.


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