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Competition – What’s your favourite fish

Red Morwong

Want to score a Fish Chilla fish cooler bag from DryStore? To launch our second generation Fish Chilla Bags we’re giving away a Pelagic Fish Chilla.

Fish Cooler BagsIt’s simple! Let us know in the comments section below, what’s your favourite fish to target and why? It could be any fish for any variety of reasons, but rest assured we will be rewarding creativity. From the humble red morwong to the bold black marlin, dig deep, conjure the emotion and get descriptive!

Competition closes end of August with winners to be announced following.

13 thoughts on “Competition – What’s your favourite fish

  1. Mackerel cos fun likes

  2. brown grouper!!! could use this bag on my next spearo-trip in august

  3. I love to chase Mahi mahi as its a challenge and they are excellent as a table fish

  4. King Gorge whiting as they a great feed and some times a challenge to catch and find, when they are always dodging the spear.

  5. Spanish Mackerel, AKA King Mackerel, Couta, very majestic and looks great in the H2O, Great fighting fish and one of the best cutlets swimming around in the blue. Mmmmmm.

  6. Jewies. Love the hunt.

  7. Yellowtail kingfish. Because they are only around during the summer and you just never know whether you goin to find a school of 10kg fish or come across a 40kg horse..

  8. Damn need one of those!!
    Groupers becouse they make me dive deeper

  9. Flathead because u find them over spectacular bottom and are brilliant tucker

  10. Mulloway, they are awesome creatures, good eating and you get them in some “interesting” places

  11. Coronation Trout , cunning as hell , fantastic on the plate , very photogenic looking fish and not all that regular for most people to find and shoot

  12. The Yellowtail Kingfish:
    Swim to ‘the spot’
    Relax, big breath
    Dive down, tap gun
    Level off, big school
    Pick one, thunk!
    Swim up, fight!
    Pulled under
    Swim up, fight harder
    Fish in, Yew!
    Nothing beats that buzz!

    1. Hey Russell,

      Congratulations you are the winner of a new fish cooler bag!
      We’ll get i touch to sort out shipping and hope to see some pics of it with a big king inside.


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