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Australian Spearfishing Quiz

The Paxman Reel Edge Gun Combo.


Warning: You’ve only got 5 minutes on the spearfishing quiz so don’t “dilly dally” or try to google the answers!

Only your first attempt will be entered into the leader-board!

Take the spearfishing quiz to see how well you know the gear, the fish and the history.

Got any good questions you’d like to add? Drop us a comment below and let us know for the next quiz!

Leaderboard: Spearfishing Quiz

maximum of 20 points
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4 thoughts on “Australian Spearfishing Quiz

  1. S*%# that was a horrific attempt. That went too quick and I freaked out.

  2. haha 35% made me look bad. It says no cheat look up google. I have no idea about cobia, up north species I haven’t spear in those specific fields or past speargun that had green handle? I had no idea. It is really good quiz. I’m sure I got the safety correct 🙂

    1. Cheers Zed, We’ll try and include more Southern content in the next quiz!

  3. forgot that the old RA’s had the green and ive seen a few of them, oh well got through 18 of 20 but the five minutes goes like its only 2 & 1/2. good fun

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