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Jewfish: 5 Tricks to Finding Mulloway

Mulloway or Jewfish are an illusive species to chase on coasts around Australia.

Ranging from deep to shallow water, mulloway are a popular target for divers and fishermen alike and hold a special place amongst anglers with Jew Holes kept secret and visited in the cover of darkness or when no one is around. Finding these fish can be a needle in a haystack proposition, but when you do happen upon a school, make sure you keep it to yourself or you might find within a short period of time the fish aren’t there any longer.

These 5 tricks have come about over years of looking both successfully and mostly unsuccessfully for these fish. While you might get lucky and find a fish straight away, many anglers and divers spend years without finding one, often until shown a hole or technique. This list applies to fish found on headlands. Finding fish in deep water or on beaches is a different affair.


1. Don’t overlook the very shallow spots.

The experience of encountering a monster mulloway in shallow water is somewhat unforgettable. It is hard to describe the scale of a school of 30kg fish holed up in 1mtr of water. During the day jewfish can often be found in shallow holes seeming to rest up and generally drift passively on the bottom in washy rubble areas.


2. Broken Wash Behind Bommies

Areas that are broken and provide wash, without the direct pound of the surf, give mulloway a place to rest without getting too battered into the rocks.


3. Go Where None Have Been Before.

Inhabiting such shallow water in close proximity to rocks, makes Mulloway vulnerable to heavy fishing pressure. Going beyond the regular spots and seeking out untouched stretches of coastline with prominent rocky headlands is a great way to adventure and find new spots.


4. When the sun goes down.

Having dived with a school of jew in the same hole on numerous occasions during the day, My curiosity was peaked to find out what they get up to at night. I ventured into the regular haunts with a torch on two separate occasions and was surprised not to find any fish, in a spot that held fish over 80% of the time. On my way back in I came across a couple of smaller jew ferreting around the shallows looking intently active.


5. Don’t get obsessed

Remember to target other fish as well! It makes finding jew all the more rewarding, and many frustrating hours can be avoided if you spread your attention to many fish!