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6 tips – Diving for Crays

Western Rock Lobster

These six tips for cray diving will get you started on the quest for some of those tasty Cray’s!

Diving for Crays

1. Leave no stone unturned, Crays turn up anywhere.

Crays can pop up anywhere from the shallowest rock to the very edge of a reef in less than a meter. I’ve found coral Cray’s above the low water mark when swimming in from a dive and most cray¬†species can be found right up into the shallows where they scavenge a feed. Some of the biggest crays I’ve found have come out of less than 10mtrs depth, often 2-4mtrs.

Huge Cray Underwater

2. Take a torch, Crays Love the dark.

Spearfishing with a torch is not permitted in some states so check your regs, but as far as I understand, there is no rule against using a torch for Cray’s. A torch can shine a light on hidden Cray’s and is particularly good in poor visibility! Don’t be tempted to reach for crays that you can just make out at the back of a deep crack or cave. Plenty of time can be wasted trying in vain to reach a cray that is out of reach, move on to the next hole.

Timmy Forster

3. Good set of Gloves.

Don’t risk it with flimsy gloves. Get some decent gloves from a hardware that won’t let the cray get the better of your hands. I like rubber dipped gloves, they last a decent time although they don’t provide much warmth when diving in cold water.

Christian with Cray

4. Don’t push it in cray holes.

No cray is worth a life and nine times out of ten you can spot a cray then plan a dive on it. If you are feeling short of air, head for the surface! Also keep a keen eye out for Wobbygong sharks as they are never far away if there are crays in a hole, and keep hands clear of Eels and Octopus that can be in the viscinity.


5. Timing is everything.

Ask around about what’s being caught. Cray’s often all turn up at the same time, then dwindle off towards the end of the season. Big swells can see cray holes filled up so get in quick after a swell hits. Make sure its flat enough to dive though, big swells are deadly when trying to get into shallow holes.

Record Sized Cray

6. Take care of your holes.

It may seem like a cray hole is a¬†limitless resource, but if you dive a spot too often and always take Cray’s from the same holes, you’ll start to see less and less. Spread your effort over a number of spots and you’ll never be short of a feed!


Hit us up in the comments if you have any good tips to add!

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