DryStore are pleased to announce that after extensive R&D they have developed the new “Fish Chilla” bags for the Australian fishing market.


A Space Saver

Designed to quickly cool fish down, these insulated fish cooler bags have a host of great features to ensure that fish is kept to the highest standard while out fishing in the hot sun. For too long the cumbersome esky has been a standard in boats, but limited deck space is a thing of the past with these great new fish cooler bags rolling up to a bare minimum allowing maximum space on-board.

Fish Esky Bag

Built To Last

Sourcing the best materials is a critical part of any R&D process and in the case of the Fish Chilla, DryStore invested heavily in finding the right material and the final product is built from the same heavy duty 1200D PVC material that is used in the construction of inflatable boats.


Cooler Down Quicker

With the flexibility of the materials, the Fish Chilla bag can mould around its contents, unlike a traditional esky which contains copious dead air space. This means the cold is trapped against the fish, bringing their temperature down quicker than a traditional esky.

New Fish Chilla BagFish Cooler Bag

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