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Hamelin Bay, Kayak Spearfishing Paradise!

The biggest hurdle to catching a feed of fish in South West of WA is finding them. There are a range of delicious reef fish on offer, it’s just about finding the right spots to look.

With a couple of days off after Christmas, we decided to load the car with our dive gear and kayak and head down the south coast. Our destination was Hamelin Bay, just south of Margaret River. As the bay has a lot of reef to explore, we thought the kayak would be a great way to cover ground to drift and find the fishy spots. The water was pretty chilly at 17 degrees, but thankfully my 7mm dive top to keep me comfortable.


After only a short paddle from the ramp we found a couple of shallow reefs that looked nice. Straight into the water and we snooped a squid that was hanging on the weed edge. The day was off to a good start. Along the way we spotted a number of King George Whiting, but they dodged both of our spears in typical whiting fashion.

A sneaky Breasea Cod appeared who was a little too confident for its own good and ended up on the bbq that night for dinner. Breaksea Cod are one of my favourite eating fish with firm white fillets about as good as you can get.


After swimming into the shallows to have some lunch we found a few more KGW lurking in the shallows. Luckily, one of the bigger whiting hung around just long enough for me to finally land one.


We finally had enough fish for a feed, so enjoyed the rest of the morning diving with some of the friendly resident fish and swimming through the cool limestone caves in the bay.


9 thoughts on “Hamelin Bay, Kayak Spearfishing Paradise!

  1. Hey I’m a beginner in spear fishing and was wondering if you could send me pic from google maps showing where the reefs were in Hamelin bay.

    Thanks, Mitch

    1. I’m heading down to Hamelin bay next summer so I’m trying to get a little info on the spots and possibilities in the bay

      Thanks again, Mitch

    2. Hey Mitch,
      Keep an eye out for the sanctuary zone at Hamelin bay. It extends from the cost out to and around Hamelin island. Swim off the southern point south of the boat ramp(if you don’t have a boat). If you scour Google earth you can see a few patches of breaking reef not far off the shore on the southern side of the point.

      Good luck!

      1. Thanks Louis for the info but was wondering if there was any spots closer to the holiday park because I’m only 14 and my parents don’t like the idea of me going to far for the camp ground.

        Thanks, Mitch

        1. And do I need a spearfishing license as a 14 or 15 year old

          1. Hey Mitch,
            In WA you only need a licence to fish(or spearfish) off a boat or to get crays and abs. The season for crays and abs is closed now.
            It’s a good idea to always dive with a buddy so see if you can find someone to go with. My advice is to have a walk south and have a look from the lookout to see if you can spot any reef on a clear day. Then convince your parents to join you for a snorkel to check it out. Make sure you have a look at the marine park zones so that you know where you can go. If it’s too hard just enjoy the snorkeling out the front of the caravan park!?

  2. Hey I’ve been herd that some people are catching kings down there, would this be near the island ?

  3. By the way awesome photos of the bay and your catch??

  4. One last question. Did u incounter any sharks

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