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Kayak Spearfishing Disaster

I had a disastrous day out on the water in the kayaks when taking a couple of mates spearfishing out to a local reef.

With crystal clear water we all got a little too excited and let our enthusiasm get in the way of our preparation! Having a relatively new kayak and being the first trip out for the other guys, I will admit that I was way to relaxed about securing gear onto the kayak before making the trip through the 2-3 feet of swell and as Murphy’s law dictated, the something that could go wrong, a flip of the kayak, did go wrong.

The result was a lost Iphone, snorkel and mask, and just about all the other gear onboard spent about half an hour in the ocean before we could recover it. Luckily the weight belts sunk straight down and we methodically retraced the path from kayak roll to find them sitting on the sand.

As with all good troopers, once we fell of the horse we got straight back on! I spent 2 hours diving without a snorkel which was laborious to say the least, and nearly speared a nice snapper which did a matrix manoeuvre around my spear. Dan managed a nice little Jew in the wash and Luke speared a great Tarwhine.

The day was somewhat saved by the few fish we brought in, but having my iPhone (which was in a dryphone case) lost to the sea with a bunch of my marks on it, was very disappointing.

Seeing as the kayak has no in hull storage, I have since changed my setup so that everything in secured in a drybag that is secured to the hull. In the event of a roll over, even at a worst case senario that the drybag snapped off the hull, it would still float with all my gear safe and dry within!

Kayak Spearfish-1 Kayak Spearfish-2 Kayak Spearfish-3 Kayak Spearfish-4 Kayak Spearfish-5 Kayak Spearfish-6 Kayak Spearfish-7 Kayak Spearfish-8



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  1. Great story mate. Fantastic pics too!

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