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Queen Snapper – Gear Testing Fish Cooler Bags

One of the great things about running a business selling Fish Cooler Bags, is that you have to go and test them out as often as possible. Not that we ever need an excuse to go and catch a feed of fish, but with new products in need of testing, there even more reason to get wet.

The South West of WA is truely one of the best locations to spearfishing in Australia. With consistent 15-20mtr Vis and an ample list of delicious species on offer, it is one of the best cold water spearfishing areas in the world. The selection of 5 star eating reef fish is unparalleled with Dhufish, King George Whiting, Queen Snapper, Harlequin Cod, Long Snout Boarfish, Nannygai, Pink Snapper and Breaksea Cod. Add to this a range of big pelagics including Samsons, Kingfish and Tuna and it’s about as good as it gets.

Spearfishing the South West

Accessing The Dive Spots

The coastline is rugged with big sweeping bays and protected coves, allowing for spearfishing in pretty average conditions. When the wind picks up from the South West many of the dive spots can be accessed without a 4wd but with an easterly a 4wd comes in handy.

Big Queen Snapper

Quickest Catch On Record

With a mission to catch a few nice table fish we headed off in search of a calm spot to dive.  About an hour from Albany we came to a protected spot that looked pretty calm to get in. Having to improvise without a float and diving in an area not accessible by boats we swam out with a drink bottle tied off to the float line. We had no intention of spearing anything big enough to pull a speargun out of the hands so it was mainly just for storing fish and keeping an eye on each other.

After Swimming along the sand line and picking up a few KGW I dove into a crack and was pleased to see some nice Brown Lip Abalone hanging upside down in the cave. I scraped a couple out and was about to head in when I saw a big Queeny sleeping in a gutter. I lined up a kill shot and I had penty of fish for a feed after only 20 minutes. 2 nice KGW a Big Queenfish and a brownlip ab in about 8 dives no deeper than 12mtrs… Talk about an easy feed.

Nice Catch

We made our way back to the car and measured up the queeny on our Fish Cooler Bag which came in at 82cms and had some tasty fillets.

Another awesome dive in the South West! 

Fish Cooler Bag

We had a couple of frozen drink bottles in the Fish Chilla bag and left the fish in the bag while we went for lunch in town and by the time we got home 2 hours later the fish were nice and cool and the boot of the car was fish juice free!

Fish Kill Bag

3 thoughts on “Queen Snapper – Gear Testing Fish Cooler Bags

  1. Green’s Pool, which is where you went diving, is a no spearfishing area. You are not even allowed to fish there. You are very lucky you didnt get a fine and have your gear taken.

    1. Hi Ben,

      Thanks for the comment.

      Although the photo’s were taken at Greens Pool the fish were taken much further up the beach outside of the area reserved for swimmers. From what I could gather from the signs and limited info online, they have reserved a 600mtr stretch around the pools to allow swimmers the safety of swimming without worrying about hooks. I was diving to the west but parked at the car park.

      If you have any conflicting info to clear this up that would be appreciated.


  2. That water looks amazing! So jealous!!

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