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Sight Fishing in Shark Bay

Shark Bay Bream

Some places fished, remain etched in your memory long after the fillets have been fried. Shark bay has been a frequently driven past location, but with a few extra days free on a recent trip up north we made our way up to Denham to check out the sights and get into some spearfishing and fishing.

Shark Bay Fishing Spot

Birds Eye View

Standing on the cliffs offers an amazing view of the aquatic playground below. Sharks and rays patrol the edges of big shoals of fish, all looking to scavenge a feed. The schools of fish were more than enough encouragement to don to dive gear and jump in for a spear.


At first we could only see a school of what looked like tailor, but then we noticed a school of mulloway milling beneath, big shimmers of silver appearing occasionally.


As we had guessed the fish were tailor darting around the shallow water.


Dinner For Two

Once wet, we bee lined for the fish and sure enough there were masses of tailor, bream and small tuskfish darting through the shallows. Selecting a fish for tea, we decided on a nice bream and took a big one for dinner, feeding us both easily. Spearfishing is the ultimate way to pick what fish you want to eat.


The next morning we were up early to find some lunch and this time spotted a school of squid at the same spot. Squid are much easier to take by line than by spear as they can be very wary of divers.  After some seriously treacherous cliff hanging I made my way down to where they were milling with Ebony directing from above. A well placed squid jig is pretty much irresistible and we had a couple of squid from a couple of casts. Winning!


Squid Squid1 Make the trip!

Shark Bay is definitely worth the trip for anyone that loves fishing and the ocean. With huge bays you are just about guaranteed to find somewhere to get in the water or wet a line, and there is a remarkable variety of fish in the water.

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