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Spearfishing; Why I Love It

record yellowfin bream

Spearfishing is a unique lifestyle. Every time something incredible happens underwater, the passion to dive is reignited. Sometimes you come home with a fish for your efforts, other times, an interaction with some unsuspected sea creature is more than reward enough.

This video is from one of those awesome days, when the ocean provides it all, excitement, fear, elation and the gift of a beautiful and tasty fish to eat. The kind of emotions you can only experience by getting in touch with the elements.


monster bream school of bream underwater shark bay sea snake shark bay spearfishing

4 thoughts on “Spearfishing; Why I Love It

  1. so good to see you Ebs still living the dream fish looked yum ! x

  2. I watched this over and over ’cause I miss you! And it’s really cool too ☺

  3. What are those red “growths” on the huge bream?

    1. Good question… given the area they were in, they were probably hunting around shallow rocks. could be parasitic, or scarring.

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