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3 Spearguns I Would Recommend To a Mate

Aimrite Handle

Buying a Speargun can be a minefield of decisions based on what fish you want to target, where you will be diving and how much you want to spend. Buying a cheap speargun under $200 might seem like a good idea, but often spending a little more will give you a gun that will last a lot longer without an upgrade. In this guide to buying a speargun I’ve outlined 3 spearguns that I would (and often do) recommend to mates.

There are many factors that affect how a speargun will perform and they can all be rigged and customised to suit different situations. This list is for “Off the Shelf” spearguns and lists the reasons why. There are no “Canon Speaguns” on the list as they are designed to suit a pretty small number of situations and not regular diving.

Speargun Recommendation 1

Aimrite Venom

My most recent gun has very quickly become my favourite. Solid enough to run well with double rubbers, yet light enough to manoeuvre through the water. Made from Carbon fibre they have the properties I like about a wooden gun, like that solid feel when you pull the trigger, without being cumbersome in the water. These guns are not the cheapest on the market but will definitely get you years of use and abuse, and a lifetime warranty to back it up is a good insurance plan! Plus they are the only Aussie guns on my list.


Speargun Recommendation 2

Freedivers Evolution Railgun

I used my freedivers gun religiously for around 2 years until it eventually bounced out of the back of a ute traveling up to a remote dive spot in the Kimberley. In the time I had the gun I never changed the spear once. Even though I was targeting smaller reef fish it was still impressive that the spear didn’t rust out over that time. The build quality of the gun itself wasn’t its best feature, the trigger much casing cracked, but for the price these guns are an awesome first gun or backup gun!


Speargun Recommendation 3

Rob Allen

Third up on the list is the old trusty Rob Allen Railgun. Its uncommon to meet a keen spearo that doesn’t own one or at least has previously owned one. Off the shelf they have a comfortable handle, are very light and easy to manoeuvre. I would try to avoid the scorpia model and go for the sparid model as it has a much studier feel.


Let us know in the comments below what spearguns you recommend when someone asks you and we’ll add them to the list, Plus you could win a DryPhone Case

What Speargun brand do you recommend to your mates?

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16 thoughts on “3 Spearguns I Would Recommend To a Mate

  1. Hi All

    Regarding Spear-gun options. The best Gun on the market in my humble opinion is the Daryl Wong Hybrid series. They are not cheap but will last forever and are a real work of art. The mid mount handle makes them great for lining up long shots and they have the most accurate shooting over long distances. I have never had the opportunity to shoot a monster fish yet but have shot great table fish that I would have not got close enough to with my old Rob Allen Gun. Should i have the opportunity to come across a monster fish I know I have the right gun for the job.

  2. Rob Allen, bomb-proof.
    Can be modified (I recently put triple 14s and an open muzzle on my 1.3) but they don’t need to be.
    Out of the box, ready to use, years of faithful service.
    The only limiting factor is the organic part holding the gun….

  3. I own 3 Rob Allen guns and Will only use this brand as its very reliable

  4. For my first choice Rob Allen spearguns are good all-round guns for small and big fish, cheap, easy to manover and accurate, i have taken on small and big fish with the guns and they have never failed me.
    My second choice would be Cressi, i have a small cressi gun for local rockhops, shallow water and around structures, it has never failed me.
    My third choice is Edge spearguns, great solid barrels, swappable muzzles and it is built really strong to put up with any conditions you can chuck at it, i use the Edge when i don’t want to drag around a buoy, Edge speargun with a Aussie Reel mounted, you can’t go wrong, good solid aussie made products.
    They are my three recommendations for a spearguns i would have no trouble telling a mate to buy.

    1. Great reply Luke, you have won a DryPhone case for you efforts! Cheers Louis @ drystore

  5. Freedivers are best all rounders ….. As commented, spears are the best beyond test. I have 4 freedivers guns ranging from 1.3 /Single 20mm rubber and -Double 16 mm , a 1.2m my most used, to a 1 m reel gun …. Absolutely unbreakable and the sleeve makes hem as quiet as anything. Great trigger mech as well.
    Use , rinse, store …. Ready to go again

  6. Try a Mongrel Speargun. Certainly gets my vote, and popular in my local club.

  7. I really like using any picassos there are. and for a good price

  8. The speargun I use is not listed here. I use an Aussie made TORELLI speargun. I use a Torelli Taipan (Carbon Fibre) 140 gun for bluewater and it is amazingly powerful and accurate. These guns are pretty much indestructible, and their lifetime warranty proves it! Many spearos around the Newcastle, NSW area love this brand.
    My second gun would be a Rob Allen, I use my old green handle RA on rock hops, and it gets absolutely abused but is still a perfect gun. The reputation of Rob Allen guns makes it a gun you can trust, and a great choice for a beginner.
    If I was to go after large pelagic fish more often, my other choice would be a Riffe, these guns are extremely powerful and are used around the world hunting large game fish, they are an extremely accurate gun, however this comes at quite an expensive price.

  9. Sea hornet magnum series cheap n reliable also have a extra little bit of wood on the end for extra stability for those difficult shots.
    I never miss with it and recently threw my new metal rail gun in the bin as it was useless for accuracy n balance.
    Stick to wood!!!
    Also easy to add a piece of your own length to make it extra powerful.

    1. there the worst gun

  10. I have 4 Rabitech guns 2 x 900mm 1 x 1.2m with reel and a 1.3m with a reel. I have had minor issues with the 900’s but nothing so bad that i’ve needed to throw them out. I dont have any accuracy issues at all and shoot decent fish with them. Bonus is they are not badly priced in south africa.

  11. Started out with Undersee guns, changing muzzles to put rubbers in line with shaft. Now use Rob Allens – 100 Sparid with short 18mm rubber & reel for snapper snooping. 1200 Sparid with 18mm rubber for larger headlands and offshore islands. A gun that can be knocked around and will still keep doing what it was designed to do.

  12. I have owned and used 3 rabitech guns, 2 Edge guns, an Omersub ET, an Assassin Speargun, a Riffe speargun, a Salvimar Voodoo, 2 Rob Allen Spearguns and numerous others. The only guns that ever gave me serious grief was both the “Rob Allen” spearguns (serious Mech issues in both and the 1.3 didn’t like being powered up), at least they have good customer service, but over rated in my opinion.

    1. Great feedback Gazz, out of interest, how long ago were your issues with Rob Allen guns and were they old style green handle or newer ones? Cheers Louis

    2. hey Gazz looking for an assassin speargun, where can i get one. Thanks

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