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Waterproof case for iPhone

There are a number of dry bags on the market to suit almost all smart phones. Some offer shock proof and waterproof claims.
While the dry phone case from drystore is not shock proof it is still 100% waterproof and perfect for all ocean lovers!
All functions of the phone can be accessed through the case and while we don’t recommend using the case underwater, we have tested them extensively (our tester took his phone out surfing) and when used correctly they can be fully submerged without incident.
One of the best uses for waterproof iPhone cases is fishing. Most modern smartphones will allow you to use a gps application like Navionics to access charts, upload your marks and navigate to them.
For fisherman this means you can use your phone as a backup GPS, safety device and phone!
Check out the dryphone case from dryphone waterproof iphone case


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