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Weedy Seadragons In Albany WA

Sea Dragons are among the most obscure and ornate sea creatures in Western Australia. What they lack in swimming ability, they make up for in camouflage, blending into the surrounding weed and disappearing out of view in the blink of an eye.

The two species are found along here in Albany, the Weedy Sea Dragon and the Leafy Sea Dragon, the later being harder to find due to it’s incredible weed like appendages.

Having unsuccessfully scoured the weed line for a sea dragon during a recent trip to Kangaroo Island, finding one within a kilometre of our front door while working was pretty exciting. The time couldn’t come soon enough to get in the water and try to photograph one.


We scrambled down some rocks and jumped in the water with high hopes, and after only 10 minutes of swimming the sand edge, while waiting for Ebony to catch up, the first weedy sea dragon appeared underneath. A male carrying his sack of eggs under his tail.


Male Weedy Sea Dragon’s carry the eggs under their tail.


Blink and you’ll miss it…

We took a couple of photos and left him in peace, pretty happy to have found one. To our surprise less than 20 metres further along another appeared, then another, and a fourth. A few more photos and the cold started to creep in and we called it a day.

Diver with Weedy Sea Dragon
Freediving is a great way to get close to a dragon without disturbing them too much.
A smaller Weedy Dragon amongst the weed
A smaller Weedy Dragon amongst the weed


2 thoughts on “Weedy Seadragons In Albany WA

  1. I have seen one of these in south aus. So hard to find and then so easy to lose! Well done on finding so many. Any leafy varieties?

    1. Hi Ahmed,
      Leafies are very tricky to find! I’m yet to spot one, outside an aquarium, but hopefully one day one will pop up!

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