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What to do when you can’t find fish!

Enjoying the Dive!

Team drystore headed north on the weekend in search of some fresh fish for the freezer.

After driving a couple of hours up the coast we found a good looking spot and made the mission out to an inshore island that looked like a good enough spot to try for a Baldchin or a Dhufish.

When we got closer to the island the big watchdog seal made himself known by barking us down like an unwanted postman.

Upon landing on the island we discovered it was a nursery with mothers and their baby’s littered across the the island. Not wanting to disturb the tiny baby’s we bolted into the water and were followed by a group of friendly seals who played with us in the shallows.

Seal Attacking Seal Underwater







2 thoughts on “What to do when you can’t find fish!

  1. That’s amazing footage guys! What an amazing life….

  2. Vis doesn’t look to bad shame there were no fish, you know what they say “where there’s seals there’s sharks”!

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